Approaching Joni Mitchell with Ann Powers

Season 3, Episode 1

Writing a biography isn’t easy, especially when it’s of a living person, and especially when that living person is an epochal, oft-mythologized musician like Joni Mitchell. But Ann Powers, one of my absolute favorite music critics, has been doing the work. For our Season 3 debut, a deep conversation with Ann about her in-progress Joni Mitchell book, the complexities and anxieties behind thinking through Joni’s life alongside her own, and what it means to write about women making music.

Ann Powers is NPR Music’s critic and correspondent.

If you’re interested in learning more about Powers’s work, you can follow her on Twitter at @annkpowers and check out:

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A written transcript of this episode is available here; many thanks to Andrew Dell’Antonio for volunteering to prepare transcripts for the show!